We continue getting Six of Wand in place of my connection with an adore interest.

The reason why? i am aware the credit is actually assume to portray success or awards.

– will it signify certainly us are resting on the laurels? (and I discover just who that will be) – wouldn’t it represent complanceny, arrogance, smugness? – anybody resting on the highest pony? – Or does it represent triumph when it comes to partnership?

I’ve found it tough to understand because focus of cards is found on someone. I cannot let envision they presents self-centeredness and self satisfaction. It’s not necessarily the way I becoming a sugar baby in Rockford Illinois read our commitment because We notice it as a confident thing. I recently don’t get a positive ambiance with this particular cards. The figure into the cards try facing away as if indifferent or oblivious.

That bond got started by myself

anyhow, in my opinion, six/wands in a connection spread out (with regards to the circumstance) results in affection, which may develop into love. This will depend throughout the circumstances however. I’ve have they show up when my buddies had been envious of myself due to the fact guy came to me personally versus all of them. But it was actually, once again, of admiration which converted into a platonic bond. Encompassing cards would determine whether this affection would become things even more.

Sorry for any belated blog post. Many thanks for every person that’s posted thus far.

It may get either way. Both of us has much value and admiration for every single more but Really don’t accept it as true’s in a worshipping (YOU MIGHT BE GOD!) type method. We’re conscious that neither one is perfect.

I found myself off thereon explanation, I think.

In order to explain: it is a platonic union as of this juncture although we’ve known both a bit. There clearly was a point wherein, because of circumstances, we had been browsing run our seperate methods permenently. Circumstances ended up differently and then we now discover one another once again. So perhaps he is happy we’ve *reunited* in a way. Perhaps the guy believes absolutely still a chance for all of us. idk.

Maybe not in this case. I don’t totally trust him. It may be that he views myself as a sexual conquest. *He* *thinks* it might be well received. Perception and fact, however, in many cases are different.

Yeah, well. The interest between us is *intense* and off of the maps. He has got said so himself. The possibility is there. I have plenty of Wands in readings with your: the Ace, the Knight, the master, the Eight. But I’m not sure why 6 of Wands (in lieu of any other Wand) would mean having they indeed there? Merely in the sense of sexual conquest and that I’m too old and smart to run there.

I get somewhat confused with the Wands. Her strong association with intercourse and sensuality frequently let them have just one dimensionality. This indicates whenever I browse an interpretation of a Wand, I hear “in various other words, the guy merely looking to get down your trousers.” How exactly does a reader or querent reconcile the reality that connections of fancy usually put intercourse and charge versa? Glasses indicate love? And wands imply one night stands or short flights of fancy?

I believe affection is possible. Although he’s not overt together with sentiments, sometimes they have said something like “you’re rather amazing” and “as soon as the supposed will get tough, the tough get started” talking about some difficulties i have gone through and also have overcome. It’s advisable that you listen to this explanation as if very little else, We understand, he has got respect in my situation. Love try entirely another problem.

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